Worthy – Transparent Personal Finance

  • Want to be sure you have enough funds for the upcoming year?
  • Need to track many projects you put money into?
  • Want to know where you spend the most?
  • Wait. Where exactly, up to every transaction?
  • Want to use different currencies and still have precise reporting and net worth?

Worthy does all of that.

Worthy – Transparent. Personal. Finance.

Accounts & groups

Unlimited accounts with groups
Add as many accounts as you want. Group them and re-order groups as you see fit.

Multiple currencies and rates history
Add currencies and track history of exchange rates. Inverse currency pairs are added and modified automatically.

Transaction details

Income, expense and transfer tracking
Track your income and expenses specifying optional category and memo. Track transfers between accounts of one or different currencies. Estimated converted amount will be displayed based on the appropriate exchange rate.

Custom period reporting with per-transaction detail
Categories are summed in spending report using your reporting currency. Each transaction is converted using exchange rate set for the transaction date.

Merge categories

Ability to edit and merge tracking categories
Change categories right in the spending report. Merge the ones you consider excessive, edit names, or delete. Add new categories when entering new transactions if you don’t find the one you are looking for.

On-the-fly reporting currency change
Net worth, account groups total and spending categories use base reporting currency to show comparable amounts. Current balances are calculated as of today. Spending income and expenses are converted on per-transaction basis. Changing reporting currency recalculates amounts on-the-fly.

Local data storage
We do not use your data in any way and it is stored only on your device. We value your privacy and are committed to following this principle in future versions of our app.

Please visit our support page if you encounter any issues.